Plain Talk on Trayvon Martin

had to change the name to the correct spelling!!

The Real Plain Talk

By now the whole world knows all the particulars of the George Zimmerman verdict. It seems that your views on the verdict have to do with either your experiences in life or your current status in society. For Example, Clarence Thomas may have had some experiences of being racially profiled in the past, but his high on the hog status as an ultra-conservative Supreme Court Justice negate all of his past experiences that he could use to identify with people who look like Trayvon Martin. Also Charles Barkley grew up dirt poor in Leeds Alabama, but his current status as a retired pro athelete/rich golf playing (If that’s what you call it!!)T.V. personality have blurred his mental comprehension when it comes to his outlook on the case. At this point, do I even have to talk about Bill Cosby?

Let’s look at some other talking points. Why don’t people stop…

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