Plain Talk on Trayvon Martin

By now the whole world knows all the particulars of the George Zimmerman verdict. It seems that your views on the verdict have to do with either your experiences in life or your current status in society. For Example, Clarence Thomas may have had some experiences of being racially profiled in the past, but his high on the hog status as an ultra-conservative Supreme Court Justice negate all of his past experiences that he could use to identify with people who look like Trayvon Martin. Also Charles Barkley grew up dirt poor in Leeds Alabama, but his current status as a retired pro athelete/rich golf playing (If that’s what you call it!!)T.V. personality have blurred his mental comprehension when it comes to his outlook on the case. At this point, do I even have to talk about Bill Cosby?

Let’s look at some other talking points. Why don’t people stop saying “Why is everyone focused on Trayvon Martin when you have all of this Black on Black crime going on?” Can you walk and chew bubble gum at the same time??? I think so! People also need to stop implying that Black people don’t care about the senseless murders in Chicago. Or they may trow out an obscure case that seems to be related in the sense that a White person was killed by a Black person. But when you look the case up, you find out that the Black person(s) were arrested and convicted!! Let’s talk Plainly: The reason the Trayvon Martin case picked up so much national attention was because the police automatically took George Zimmerman’s account and questioned him and let him go. It took a public outcry for an arrest to be made. What added fuel to the fire was an avalanche of support for George Zimmerman from right wing gun enthusiasts and others who seemed to be a little too happy about the death of a young black boy. (Anyone still in High School is still a boy. I don’t care how tall you are!!)

So the biggest question that I have had about this whole case is: How did George Zimmerman get so much White support? Was it because his father is an influential White person in Sanford,Fl? Was it because of what George Zimmerman represented? (A gun owner defending his neighborhood from young black thugs/punks/kids?) Was it because Al Sharpton got involved? Was it because President Obama said that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”? Or was it all of the above? To be fair, there are many people of many ethnicities and races seeking justice for Trayvon. Sadly, the people who are supporters of George Zimmerman are the same ole Fox news watching, NRA supporting, build a fence…..wait a minute, did I say build a fence? George Zimmerman looks like someone that most of his supporters would profile and would want to see his papers. How many of George Zimmerman’s supporters can honestly say that they would not be alarmed to see him stalking their kids on a dark rainy night? How many George Zimmerman supporters would pick him up on a highway in texas, Arizona, or California? Yes the truth of the matter seems to be that George Zimmerman is trying to fit into a white world. Sometimes people like George Zimmerman overcompensate by treating other people of color as less than human. Sad to say, but George Zimmerman may have the ability to profile young kids who look like him. (Black people aren’t the only ones who self-hate.)

In the final analysis, I guess George Zimmerman finally got what he wanted. He is now officially the world’s first authentic White Hispanic. Does he officially get to fully bathe in White privledge? Or is this just a temporary condition? Only time will tell, but the question that George Zimmerman has to ask himself when he lays his head on his pillow is: Was it really worth it?????


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  2. Ann Millian · · Reply

    Very well written and as people of color, we need to have these conversations and try to come up with and be involved in with solutions to a huge problem in our society.

    The murder of Trayvon Martin has opened up the door for these types of dialogs not only to what has happen to him but what can we do to change the black on black crime that’s going on in different cities around certain states.

    What can be done as a start? Well I say it starts at home. Are the men taking on the responsibilities of being in their son’s lives, teaching them how to be men, teaching them how to be responsible young men by showing them how to respect themselves and how to respect women. I could go on and on but mainly teaching them about the love of God.

  3. Mr. SmartyPants · · Reply

    Do you think that there was enough evidence to convict Zimmerman? If so, why didn’t the prosecution present any of this? Was it based on race?

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