Time for some Real Plain Talk!!!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Corey Washington. I am an educator/author/blogger from Augusta, GA. I was originally born in NYC (Queens). I have written three non-fiction books. My first book, Plain Talk Vol. 1 {Click here to buy}(Everything you ever and never wanted to know about racism and stereotypes) was published in 2010 after the Henry Louis Gates controversy. However, with the condition of race relations in the world today, it is even more relavent now. My second book, Plain Talk Vol. 2 {Click here to buy this book} (Digging a little Deeper) continues the conversation on race, but gets into deeper subject matter. My third book, Nobody Cages Me {Click here to buy this book}, is about Jimi Hendrix and his many contributions to a wide variety of musical genres. Jimi dabbled in Blues, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Folk, Flamengo, Country, Fusion, and even Hip-Hop. (Yes, I said Hip-Hop!!) Wait a minute, I forgot to mention Rock! (As if you needed me to.) If you get a chance, check out all three of my books. They are avaliable on-line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This blog is designed to provide an arena for sensible debate, as well as intellectual ideas and general comments. I will try to spur the conversation with blogs that are plain, but not insulting to anyone’s intellegence. So now let’s dispense with the mere formalities, and let’s Plain Talk!!!

P.S.- If you want an even better deal on any of my three books, contact me directly at : plaintalk2010@yahoo.com

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