In the Crosshairs: Unbelievable Unbelonging


CrosshairsThe unwarranted shootings of African-American men has become too much to stand.  I am an African-American male whose 41 years of life have been consistently held in the crosshairs of racism in the American South and most recently in the Pacific Northwest.  For months I’ve watched as African-American men have been slaughtered.   My silence on issues related to race and my experiences with discrimination in America doesn’t help change things.  It is shameful that it has taken technology to bring to light the experiences that we have talked about for years.  It is that silence that may give some people the impression that these microagressions are not directed to educated and somewhat successful  African-American males.  There have been four experiences that I’ve had that have shaken the core of my American dream by reminding me of the cloud of “unbelonging” that hovers above me because of my race.

Stolen Cigarettes

As a college student…

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